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From Chef Knecht's Readers:

'She had to apply her yumtwist philosophy to a wedding she cooked for this past weekend, a wedding that included guests so famous they must not be named. Knecht had to veer from her original plan and come up with a backup plan at the last minute.

“I ended up working with what I had,” Knecht said. “No one realized it was different than planned, but it tuned out great. It’s all about having an open mind and being creative.”

Yumtwist is also about being spontaneous and somewhat fearless.

Want another example? After talking with the IR, Knecht ran into actor Aaron Eckhart at a store in Bozeman. Instead of asking for his autograph, she handed him a copy of her book. Now that’s a yumtwist.'

Taste with a Twist - Peggy O'Neill, Independent Record - November 28, 2012

Having taken a cooking class on appetizers from Sarah, and getting rave reviews from my husband and guests on the "Crab Cigars" and "Shrimp Shooters", I was more than ready to try one of the recipes in her new book, "Yumtwist". I chose "Creamy and Crunchy Halibut" (p.68), but started making "yumtwists" right off the bat, choosing a different fish (barramundi). Even without all the ingredients, I found the courage to substitute a few other things, and it was wonderful! As an artist, I can appreciate the creativity it takes to transform a good cook into a chef. Sarah's book is a joyful expression of her passion for cooking and pleasing her family, friends and clients, while finding new ways to express her art! And the added bonus is that it frees us to experiment with her, rather than being tied to the exact recipe. I am on my way to becoming a true "Yumtwister"!

Janet, Helena MT

I gave this cookbook to my daughter, who just graduated from college. When she saw it was a cookbook that I had handed to her she excitedly asked if this was Sarah Knecht’s new cookbook. Then immediately turned to a friend and said “Sarah is this amazing chef and her recipes are easy to make!” Sarah through her cookbook encourages you to be creative and enjoy cooking by giving the reader yummy easy to follow recipes as well as suggestions for a twist to those recipes, Yumtwists! This cookbook is full of wonderful recipes and beautiful photography. Upon opening the cookbook it draws you in with a feeling of being invited into Sarah’s own kitchen to sample great food. Open this cookbook, create with Sarah, and enjoy cooking with a friend.
Diane, Paradise Valley MT

Sarah and I formed our friendship while waiting to have our babies in Ketchikan. At that time we decided to be there for each other as motherhood support. Once we were home and I visited Sarah for the first time at her home, I realized she was something special. She was full of fun, ideas and energy. As our boys turned into toddlers she would invite us over for a play date. Most times she was in the midst of preparing something delicious. We would chat, drink Irish cream coffee and she would let me help her in the kitchen. I saw this as a huge privilege and I was terrified that I might mess up her beautiful creations. During that time I learned that Sarah is very sincere and full of integrity. If she says she’s going to do something in the future, it will happen. Back in those days with her young child and new family she dreamed of publishing a cook book. Here it is and I am so pleased to have it in my hands! Yumtwist is truly unique. I am very impressed with the juxtaposition of high gourmet and home comfort food. On one page is Buerre Blanc and on another Monster Cookies. Whether you are a caterer, chef or home cook this book is for you. I see Sarah in every page and I know that she put her whole heart into this book, combining her professional and personal life in a food love story. A love story written to her grandmother, husband, children, and to all of us.

Jennifer, Wrangell AK